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Direct Access Colonoscopy Program
(In coordination with Marin Gastroenterology)

Proud Partner with Stop Colon Cancer Now

Patients with an uncomplicated medical history, between 50 and 70 years old, who are in generally good health and require a routine Colonoscopy as part of Colo-rectal cancer screening may be eligible for Direct Access Colonoscopy. Please ask your Primary Care Physician for more information or click here to read more information on the health benefits of colon cancer screening.  

Direct access allows straight forward screening examinations without a formal pre-procedure visit with the Gastroenterologist/ Endoscopist.
These  patients do not meet the doctor until the day of the examination. The colonoscopy will be to find and remove pre-cancerous polyps. After the examination there will be a brief summary given to you by the doctor, as well as written discharge instructions and follow up care recommendations. 

All patients prior to being scheduled for the procedure, will require a 20-30 minute telephone screening call with our Intake Nurse to review in detail their medical history. During that call if a health condition is identified you will be required to make an office visit prior to the procedure. If you have additional gastro-intestinal complaints or problems that require a detailed review  or investigation, a complete office consultation will also be required.

To find out if you are eligible for this program please call Marin Gastroenterology at 415-925-6900 and speak to one of our staff. 

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