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Endoscopy Center of Marin 

Before your Procedure

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  • For your safety, please notify our office if you are currently ill, or have been ill within the four weeks prior to your scheduled procedure.  One of our Anesthesia staff will contact you to evaluate your symptoms and ensure your suitability for anesthesia.  Based on the evaluation, your procedure may be cancelled or rescheduled because your safety is our highest priority

  • Please read the instructions supplied by your doctor a few days before your procedure. If you have questions about the preparation required for your procedure, call your doctor’s office directly. For contact numbers click here
  • You must arrange for someone to take you home after your procedure; it is neither safe nor legal for you to drive after receiving sedation. Your procedure may be cancelled if you do not have a designated driver.
  • Please ask only one person to accompany you.
  • Please notify your Physician immediately before coming to the facility if there is a significant change in your physical condition, such as a high fever, heart problems or difficulty breathing.
  • The day before your procedure a Nurse or CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) from the Endoscopy Center will call to confirm your appointment, arrival time and to update your medical history and provide any additional teaching that may be required.
  • Most patients are a little anxious before a procedure and this is to be expected. Try to relax; the procedure will be much easier than you think.
  • Please print and complete a Medication Listing and bring it with you to your appointment.  Alternatively, bring your own complete list of your current medications including dosages and the last time they were taken.